Commonly Heard Misconceptions Of A Home Inspector

Today I wanted to address a commonly heard misconception on what exactly a Home Inspector is hired for.

I often hear my clients ask me “What if the home I’m looking to buy fails its inspection?” or sellers will ask me “What do I do if my home fails the inspection?”

When inspecting a home, Millstone Home Inspections will never give it a Pass or Fail grade, nor can any home inspector ask a seller to make repairs to the deficiencies we may find. Think of an inspection, as a professional home checkup to know exactly what you’re buying

Purchasing a home is often very stressful and often things get overlooked during your walkthrough. A home inspector is your eyes into areas of your new home that you may never see, such as the attic, crawlspaces, inside electric panels, inside furnace enclosures and countless other key areas. Using our years of experience and training, we observe and document anything not constructed or installed correctly and test the workings of everything that is permanently installed in your potential home. Shortly after the inspection, you will get a detailed report with any discovered deficiencies along with any recommendations that may bring the property up to current safety standards.
Commonly Heard Misconceptions Of A Home Inspector 1
The inspection and it’s reporting are designed to give you the most information possible on the homes current condition, so you can then make an informed decision on its purchase. There is always a lot of emotions involved in buying a new home and an inspection is just one important step that may possibly make difficult decision easier. Armed with your inspection report, it is now up to you whether you except a homes shortcomings or having them addressed before you buy. If you are using a realtor, they may be able to assist you in this difficult decision.

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